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Sunday, November 20, 2011

"LADY MIND" Promotions

On November 21 (in Japan) at 5:03am, promotional pictures of "LADY MIND" were shown! has it titled as "Tamaki Nami, TEICHIKU transfer! Aim at a new state"

While transferring to TEICHIKU, they take advantage of a powerful singing voice, Tamaki Nami (23), and a popular singer.  She has been invited to share her tenth anniversary with them as well.  It has also been said that the music will be somewhat like club music.

The first single under this new transfer is "LADY MIND," and it is to be released January 25, 2012. 

The PV on the DVD is supposed to have a somewhat intense dance choreography.  This would be nice to see from Nami since that is what many fans are used to!!

Hopefully fans can expect music and dance to be enjoyable again, and hopefully they have a better point of view. (ie. garage, grocery store... not such great ideas)

玉置成実 ♥ Nami Tamaki English

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  1. The PV : :DDD