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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Layout Edits / Introduction

Hello everyone!!  I am kimibobae/saeeteru and this is my blog dedicated to Nami for 2012 and on~!!

I should have started this ages ago, hehe. ^^ But that's OK!! I have time to prepare for the new year, to get my layout ideas together and to become more descriptive in my posts on updates.  Currently, I am working on a new layout for LADY MIND, to help promote her upcoming release.  Then, I will update her discography and the video section.  Still not sure how to create the video section.... haha. 

If you want to leave suggestions, feel free!

Love, kimii


  1. Hi Chibi!! On video section you can put all Nami PV's (Gokigendaze and You are the music in me included) with a little code from youtube to insert in. It will look so nice!

    1. I will definitely give that a try! Although, I fear youtube will not have everything lol worth a shot though. ^^